Hi and welcome,

My name is Angelina, my journey into aesthetics as a Licensed Aesthetician with a focus on clinical treatments began in 2007.

As a former certified Laser Technician and certified Pharmacy Technician, I have always had an interest in the medical side of skincare. I first set out to help my young daughter clear her acne, and realized while in school that I wanted to be able to offer my services and expertise to others, as well.

I offer customized treatments to meet each client's needs and skin concerns. I am extremely passionate in helping others achieve and maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

As a skin care professional, I am also certified in micro needling and dermaplaning and believe in the importance of continued education in my field so that I am always able to provide up to date and effective treatments.

Effective treatments prescribed with the right at- home care are at the foundation of my skin care practice.


Thank you,

Angelina Sleeper